A job? Seriously?

You’ve probably seen this video floating around on the internet lately, as social media tends to make these things spread.

I’m not going to get into the mobility category of this job if it were me looking at the requirements. It just simply wouldn’t fly with me if I read it in the job listings, I tend not to stand very often. Personal preference. 😉

The point is, it’s really quite a selfless job where others are put first. The self comes after, if at all.  I’m not a mother, and I’m pretty sure I never will be in this life time, but it seems to me that there are at least a few, if not many, who flat out decide they WANT to have this position in their lives. I suppose that’s not saying they want to deal with everything involved in being a mother. I can’t see my own mother saying “Ok so, lets have a child with Spina Bifida! I want a child who can’t walk and who needs to go see all these professionals in London at least once or twice per year and deal with a plethora of oddities in the human condition created by Spina Bifida.” And not simply because I don’t think of her using the words “plethora of oddities” which came to my mind out of the blue to succinctly describe conditions created by my… condition. The hours upon hours spent in waiting rooms at the Children’s clinic, and many more hours spent in hospital x ray department waiting rooms can’t have been that hopping of a party. I mean, there were a lot of people as I recall but the booze wasn’t flowing and the Fermented Oranges weren’t even a thought back in those days as far as I am aware. New Kids on the Block might have been around and perhaps popular, but not in those waiting rooms. Tangent end: But that wasn’t my point.

There are plenty of unpleasant things involved with being a mother which the video above outlines quite well. You’re dealing with young people through sickness and health, through coping with varying relationships, friendships, struggles and triumphs, and perhaps other dilemmas, conundrums and interesting situations. You’re dealing with seeing your children’s triumphs and misfortunes on the journey toward reaching and perhaps surpassing their dreams using these very triumphs and misfortunes to their advantage. In fact, as the video shows we expect something for ourselves when we think of jobs or employment.  We have this idea that we are entitled to things when we are employed.  It seems that our ego awakens and tells us we deserve breaks, we deserve time off, we deserve this or that.  Funny how all that changes when we look at the title of the job in this video!  People take so much for granted sometimes. I guess mostly it is if you take it for granted that any people or things around you are yours to use as you please without any thought or consideration for how it would affect anything but yourself.

If you’re dealing with too much in self discovery and self-improvement it can be too much to even consider having or raising a child. If you’re too self-focused it might be challenging to have one or more young ones around you who are innocent and open to so many different influences in the world and need strong and positive guidance to ensure they start off on the right path to greatness. I can only be thankful that my own mother never seemed to run into that. She was always there, like the job description in the video requests. She was, and still is always there to the best of her ability. Not only that, but with my dad’s regular traveling, even from a distance I can receive their love and support… and some home cooked food or other goodies from time to time. Things may change, but they stay the same too.

Making a difference: Now.

I came across the following video via up-worthy which has a lot of different items shared on facebook these days. I thought it was worth referring to in a post when I watched it a couple of different times because it has a great message to it and also feels to me like it’s rather inspirational.

I had known Patrick Stewart simply as a man who acted in Star Trek. I knew nothing of who he was or where he came from and what his past involved. I would never have guessed that he suffered anything related to domestic violence or otherwise. I don’t think about that with regard to actors or any celebrity generally. I see them in their roles, and I just never know the real person behind the role. Aside from a couple different celebrities, I just have no knowledge of the person that exists which creates the role in a movie or television show, or for that matter in a music video and accompanying song(s).

I never gave a thought to the history of Stewart’s family history, whether his father or mother had any involvement in war times or anything of that nature. I never gave a thought to the matter. But he demonstrates very well how his past has inspired his passions in the present moment. He very clearly shows how living as a child through domestic violence between his mother and father inspired his passion to help women living in or growing past domestic violence situations, to help those with PTSD and in particular veterans of the military/army who have had to deal with a lot of psychological trauma in their careers.

I’ve said before in this blog how I hope to be able to inspire or help others. I would love to be able to have something I’ve done, said, or written be cause for inspiration or assistance to someone in need of a little guidance in their life or a boost in their self-esteem. I would absolutely love to have a role in reducing suffering for a wide variety of people such as Stewart has been doing with his life outside his acting career. It would be absolutely awesome to be able to have a positive effect on this world through having a positive effect, as described here, on individual people in this world. I hope to positively impact humanity, one person at a time, to create a better society and a better world in some way shape or form. Perhaps I need to ponder further how I can have this effect based on my past and who I am as a person.

I know my life as a “disabled” person and the experiences I have had as a result of this situation can be possible means for others to be inspired. The experiences certainly have had a variance on the positivity spectrum. I know that there are various things such as being an oldest son, a male, growing up in a small town atmosphere with some fairly frequent visits to a city atmosphere such that I was never fully isolated in the small town. I’m sure being the child in a family with a stay at home or part time working mother throughout my life at home would have an impact on who I’ve become as well as having a father who travels frequently vs. a father who either stays at home or works a 9-5 job in the same town/city so he’s home regularly for family to eat together might also have effects. I believe each and every experience can influence who or what an individual becomes. I believe that Patrick Stewart exemplifies this and shows his strong sense of compassion for fighting for things he was unable to fight for during his childhood for obvious reasons. In my journey to determining where I’m going in life, I feel that this video of him demonstrates clearly how he is a man of strength to aspire to become similar, if not identical to in passion for life and for making a difference in the lives of others.